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Style Usernames
This plugin colorize usernames according to the groups settings.
It can add groups styles to:
  • forum index

  • forum moderators list

  • forums view

  • search results

  • announcements

  • private messages list

  • portal view
Plugin is also compatible with guest group style.
It's blazing fast, because replace usernames in output code, cache all usernames and data.

Official thread on MyBB.com Community

INFO: This plugin add link to author website (only for web spiders). 
If you do not want this, do not use plugin, or make donate and contact author.

[Image: preview_12076_1410462470_9ae82ae72df8de1...c88a4d.png]
[Image: preview_12076_1410462478_f3c8abca50a79c8...647d9f.png]
[Image: preview_12076_1410462485_e457e2903b258cf...739464.png]
[Image: preview_12076_1410462494_a5ebb56b2b22d40...2b01a7.png]
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